Premanand Krishnaram Bhatt (18-1918) was a medieval Gujarati poet and Manabhatt narrator who is known for his Akhaiya compositions. People have awarded him the title of “Poet Shiromani”.

            Premanand Manabhatt is considered a poet of tradition. Premanand, who is skilled in reciting and singing stories by tapping his hands on the mane, popularized the narrative through a performance. Legends in Gujarati literature are believed to have been started by Premanand. Premanand is considered to have used Gujarati language in Gujarati literature.

                    Known as the best narrative poet of Gujarati language, Premanand resounded many fictional compositions with joy in the community. In his time he was known as ‘Rasakavi’. He composed stories from the life stories of devotees like Narasimha Mehta and Sudama and from the Puranas. Narrative is the art of narration. Apart from being proficient in storytelling, Premanand was also skilled in narration, characterization, humor and atmospheric portrayal. His eloquence and eloquence were instrumental in making his stories excellent.




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