std 6 વિજ્ઞાન વસ્તુઓના જૂથ બનાવવા

std 6 science Vastuona juth banavava

std 6 science Vastuona juth banavava

here is Quiz About std 6 science Vastuona juth banavava ,which Useful for NMMS Exam.

Do Your Preparation With Quiz.

Question 1: Name five objects that can be made from wood.

Answer: The five things that can be made from wood are window, door, chair, table, bat, etc.

Question 2: Select the shiny materials from the following.
Glass Cup, Plastic Toy, Steel Spoon, Cotton Shirt

Answer: Shiny material- glass cup, steel spoon

Question 4: Are the following statements true or false. Mention it.
(a) Stone is transparent while glass is opaque.
(b) Notebook has brightness whereas eraser does not.
(c) Chalk dissolves in water.
(d) A piece of wood floats on water.
(e) Sugar does not dissolve in water.
(f) Oil is miscible with water.
(g) Sand (sand) gets precipitated in water.
(h) Vinegar dissolves in water.

STD 6 Science sem 2 વસ્તુઓના જુથ બનાવવા

વસ્તુઓના જુથ બનાવવા

દરેક પ્રશ્ન માટે તમારી પાસે 30 સેકન્ડ નો સમય હશે.

સમય સમાપ્ત


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