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On the one hand, CO is constantly released by human activities.  So on the other hand, forest areas are declining.  Plants use CO in the atmosphere for photosynthesis and thus reduce CO in the air.

  Deforestation increases CO in the air as plants  Has been used, its number has decreased.  Thus, human activities contribute to the accumulation of CO in the atmosphere.  CO blocks heat and does not allow it to escape into space.  As a result, the Earth’s average temperature gradually rises.  This is called global warming. 

Other gases such as methane, nitrous oxide and water vapor also contribute to this effect.  Like CO) they are also called greenhouse gases.  Global Warming A Serious Threat Global warming is likely to cause a dramatic rise in sea levels. 

Coastal areas are already flooded in many regions.  Global warming can have a wide range of effects on rainfall, agriculture, forests, flora and fauna. 

Asia is one of the most populous areas at risk from global warming.  Recent climate change reports have given us very little time to maintain these current levels of greenhouse gases.  Otherwise, by the end of this century the temperature will have risen to an average of 2 degrees Celsius, which is considered a really dangerous level.

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