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the Mughal Empire began in April 1526 after the Battle of Panipat between Ibrahim Lodi and Babur. The victory in this war ended the rule of the Delhi Sultanate in India and laid the foundation of the Mughal dynasty in medieval India, after which the Mughals ruled the Indian subcontinent until about the 18th century, the country’s first war of independence. The Mughals ruled India in India until the arrival of the British East India Company.

The Mughal Empire was a very efficient, prosperous and organized empire. The rule of the Mughal dynasty represents an era change in the medieval history of India. Art, craftsmanship flourished only in Mughal India. Most of the beautiful and historical buildings in India were built during the time of Mughal period.

Who established the Mughal Empire in India and when?  

(A) Humayun  In 180

 (B) Babur E.S.  In 18 

(C) Akbar  In 18

 (D) Sher Shah Suri  

The first battle of Panipat was fought between whom?  

(A) Between Akbar and Maharana Pratap (B) Between Aurangzeb and Shivaji 

(C) Between Veer Durgadas and Aurangzeb 

(D) Between Babur and Ibrahim Lodi 

Who defeated Humayun in the battle of Kanoja and drove him out of India?  

(A) Bahadur Shah 

(B) Sher Shah 

(C) Nadir Shah 

(D) None of the above 

Who established Dinpanah Nagar near Delhi?  

(A) Babur 

(B) Akbar 

(C) Humayun 

(D) Sher Shah Suri 

Which Mughal ruler was born in AD  In 19th, the Hindu Rajput king of Amarkot came home? 

 (A) Humayun 

(B) Babur

 (C) Jahangir 

(D) Akbar

 Who fought the battle of Haldighati?  

(A) Between Maharana Pratap and Akbar

(B) Between Shivaji and Aurangzeb 

(C) Between Babur and Ibrahim Lodi 

(D) None of the above 

What was the nickname of Shah Jahan? 

(A) Faridkhan 

(B) Zahiruddin Muhammad 

(C) Khurram 

(D) Lucky 

Who built the world famous Taj Mahal? 

(A) Akbar 

(B) Aurangzeb 

(C) Shah Jahan 

(D) Jahangir 

Which Mughal ruler showed religious intolerance by abandoning Akbar’s religious policy?  

(A) Jahangir 

(B) Aurangzeb 

(C) Shah Jahan 

(D) A, B, C 

Who was the majestic prince of Mewar who did not accept Akbar’s sovereignty? 

(A) Veer Durgadas 

(B) Maharana Pratap 

(C) A, B Both 

(D) None of them.  

(A) Veer Durgadas Rathod 

(B) Maharana Pratap 

(C) A, B Both 

(D) None of them What is the name of the founder of the Maratha Empire who got fame as a Hindu emperor?  

(A) Chhatrapati Sambhaji 

(B) Chhatrapati Shahu 

(C) Chhatrapati Rajaram 

(D) Chhatrapati Shivaji 

Who built the fort of Agra and the lofty gate at Fatehpur Sikri?  

(A) Shah Jahan

 (B) Jahangir 

(C) Akbar 

(D) Babur 

Who built the Taj Mahal and Moti Masjid in Agra as well as the famous Red Fort in Delhi 

(A) Akbar 

(B) Babur 

(C) Humayun 

(D) Shah Jahan  

Who wrote the biography of Akbar?  

(A) Akbar 

(B) Abul Fazle 

(C) Tansen 

(D) Birbal Who among Akbar’s Navratnas was included? 

 (A) Todramal 

(B) Tansen

 (C) Abul Fazal 

(D) A, B, C, all three




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